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UK Voices needs your unique voice. Things have changed in the voiceover industry. These days, employers want fresh, new voices. They are looking for every accent, every style. Which is great for you because it means you don't need any experience. All you need is:

You can apply directly for voiceover jobs in the JobZone if you want to pick and choose the voiceover work you take on.


Or you can sit back and let employers come to you with jobs. They’ll find your unique profile on our database and contact you with details of their voiceover project.


Whichever way you find work, you should always remember the most important thing of all:


We guarantee you'll be paid £50 an hour for all the work you do


Does that sound good? We know it does! So register today.

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Flexible Membership: pay just £1.50 every 11 days!



Annual Membership: Pay just £59.99 for a whole year and get a moneyback guarantee

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Guaranteed £50 an hour

Regularly updated vacancies

Wide variety of jobs

Simple, stress-free application

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Job Zone access

Up to 5mb of audio space

Unique personal profile

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Pay just £59.99 for a whole year for and get a moneyback guarantee. If you don't find any work you can claim your money back.

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