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Product Review: Vocalzone Pastilles

Product Review

Vocalzone Pastilles, 24 per pack, £3.65 on Amazon.

Keeping the throat limber and fresh is a must for any voiceover artist. These easy to take pastilles have been a staple in the voiceover arena for many years, as people swear by them in order to keep their voices sounding fresh during a long studio session. The pastilles are easy to take, as all you do is let them dissolve on your tongue and inhale, they even taste fairly good! Having used them myself for a couple of days where Iíve had a sore throat, they really do help soothe the throat.

I was unsure myself as to the positives of using something that appeared to just be a glorified strepsil, but I looked at their website and read through what they had to say. It was impressive, and they have a number of high profile users, whose testimonies convinced me to try them out. Singers such as Tom Jones, Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics, Opera singer Katherine Jenkins and voiceover artist Anthony Richardson all spoke very highly of the effects. I must say, it was worth the risk! Make sure you purchase them from Amazon, as they are the cheapest price around, working out at 15p a capsule. Everyone should at least try these out!

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