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Win a free Annual membership with one tweet!

Itís competition time at UK Voices, and weíre giving five people the chance to become the UKís next top voiceover artist, and all you have to do is send one tweet!

Weíre giving away free year-long memberships to the best five people who send us a tweet, telling us why they feel that they have the perfect voice for UK Voices. Itís that simple, just one tweet and you can open up the potential of getting paid, just for using your voice!


I have a voice that is as smooth as the ocean, yet as rough as a sandstorm, there isnít a voice or tone I canít do. Pick me and you wonít be disappointed!

Just 140 characters and you can save yourself £59.99, and thatís before you earn money from your voiceover work. The closing date to send in your tweet is midnight on the 31st January and weíll reveal the winners soon after on our own twitter page. So do it now and get paid just for using your voice!

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